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Install BrainMagix

1.Check if the workstation fulfills BrainMagix requirements (see TF-BM-016 BrainMagix Workstation Specifications). BrainMagix runs on Windows 7, 8, or 10. There is no version for Mac OS or for Linux. On Mac OS, you may try to run BrainMagix on Parallels Desktop or on another Windows virtual machine. However, this is not a guaranteed configuration.

2. Download the latest stable version of BrainMagix and the license file.

3. The installer comes as an executable file BrainMagix-vx.x-ryyyy-setup.exe where x.x is the version number, yyyy is the build number.

4. Login as an administrator in Windows.

5. Double-click the downloaded file, in order to start the installer.

6. Ignore Windows security warning, if any.

7. Install the software, via the installer’s wizard.

8. When prompted to do so, select the license file that you have downloaded (the license file will be stored in the
C:\Program Files (x86)\Imagilys\BrainMagix\ folder).

9. You should get two icons on your desktop, the BrainMagix icon for the software and the BrainMagix Server icon for the DICOM server.

10. A standard set of fMRI paradigms is configured in the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\Imagilys\BrainMagix\examtypes_example.xml which you can adapt to your own paradigms and rename to examtypes.xml.

11. Double-click the BrainMagix icon and run the software.

12. If any Windows security alert pops-up, click private and public networks and allow access.

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Install BrainMagix Server

1. Localize the BrainMagix Server icon. It has been installed with Brainmagix.
2. Double-click the icon in order to launch the server. If you would like the server to run permanently, add the icon to Windows's startup menu.
3.You should see it as a Windows process, in the task bar.
4. Right-click the icon in the task bar, in order to get access to the server's menu.
5. Configure the server. Here is a sample configuration, that you can adapt to your specific requirements.
6. Apply the settings, and restart the server (Menu->stop then Menu->start).
7. Configure the remote DICOM node (MRI, PACS, other) with the IP address of the computer running BrainMagix, and with the port number and the AE Title that you chose in the server's settings. Use the DICOM node tests (ping, echo), if available. If it doesn't work, please check network configuration, and firewall settings.
8. Send DICOM images (e.g., a complete MRI examination from the MRI scanner) to BrainMagix Server. You should find the images organized in sub-folders of the folder you chose in the server's settings.