SurferMagix Module

Automated Volumetric Segmentation of Brain Structures


Brain structure volume and thickness measurements to quantify atrophy in patients with neurological diseases.

  • Whole Brain
  • White Matter / Gray Matter
  • Hippocampus
  • Ventricles
  • Other structures


  • Module integrated into the most comprehensive clinical neuroimaging software suite on the market, BrainMagix.
  • Anonymized images sent to the cloud, for remote processing on cluster-computers.
  • Fusion of the results with images processed in other BrainMagix modules: fMRI, DTI, perfusion, PET scan, etc.
  • Display of the results in a state-of-the-art radiological viewer, with adjustable transparent fusion of the segmented structures on the anatomical scan, for validation.
  • Possibility to manually edit the segmentation, when necessary.
  • Comparison of the results with age-matched normative data.
  • Algorithm

    • User-friendly interface to FreeSurfer, the leading brain segmentation software program in the research community.
    • Surface- and volume-based streams, leading to optimal results within a clinically acceptable time (3 to 8 hours).
    • Longitudinal analysis pipeline, for follow-up measurements on the same subject.


    • Developed by Imagilys, a leading player in advanced brain imaging, biomarkers, and neurosurgical planning.
    • Partnership with FreeSurfer's developers: Nick Schmansky, CEO and Co-Founder of CorticoMetrics LLC, and Bruce Fischl, Director of the Computational Core and Professor of Radiology at the MGH/Harvard Medical School/MIT Athinoula A Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, and Co-Founder of CorticoMetrics LLC.
    • Notice

      • BrainMagix is a CE-marked software.
      • BrainMagix and SurferMagix have not been approved by the FDA, and their clinical use in the United States is not permitted.

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