TV News Report by RTBF

June 20, 2019

Screenshot of BrainMagix, as part of the news report of June 20, 2019, by RTBF

Belgian national TV (RTBF) dedicated a news report to Imagilys!

Watch it (in French): Une petite société bruxelloise aide les médecins à mieux soigner les pathologies du cerveau

Our Story in Belgian Newspaper L'Echo

May 21, 2019

Our CEO, Dr. Laurent Hermoye, gave an interview to Belgian newspaper L'Echo

Read more: La start-up Imagilys scrute les neurones à la loupe

Invitation at SOLVE by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Press Release: Imagilys' CEO, Dr. L. Hermoye Invited by MIT to "Change the World"

Article (in French) by Belgian national broadcaster (RTBF):

Le CEO de l'entreprise belge Imagilys, Laurent Hermoye, invité par le MIT à changer le monde

Article (in French) by Belgian newspaper L'Echo:

Le CEO d'Imagilys, un Belge au MIT - Interview de Laurent Hermoye

Leaders of Tomorrow, Trends Tendance

Portrait of our CEO, Dr. Laurent Hermoye, in Belgian magazine Trends Tendances (in French):

Laurent Hermoye, Leaders of Tomorrow, Trends Tendances 2013

Imagilys in The New York Times

Imagilys was quoted in The New York Times article Mind Over Matter, With a Machine’s Help.