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Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Start the software by clicking on BrainMagix SPM Viewer's icon.

Start the import wizard by clicking the magic wand.

Select the spm.mat file generated by SPM.

Select one or several contrasts you would like to load.

Select one or several templates you would like to load. All templates are normalized to MNI space.

If you wish to load a custom anatomical scan (e.g. not normalized), click "Add custom template" and load the NIfTI file.

You'll get BrainMagix SPM Viewer's working window.

Switch layers on/off in the layer manager by clicking on the eye.

Select the threshold correction you would like to apply (none/FWE).

Select a layer, change the p-value:

and cluster size:

Use navigation tools you can choose with the right-click menu.

Use the ROI tool to localize your activations.

Select the arrow in the ROI tab:

Click on the blob you would like to localize:

Before you use PNG export for the first time, you must configure it.

Add a new export profile.

Call it PNG. "{SeriesName}\{InstanceUID}" is a good file naming convention. Choose the directory where you would like the exported filed to be saved.

Once the export is configured, you can create screenshots of your images.

Press the "capture" button to create one or several screenshots.

Then, click the "Export button".

Select the PNG profile.

Fill in the "Series Description" field, which will be used for folder naming, and click "Finish".

The PNG files will be stored in the folder you've chosen.

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