Yearly Subscription Plan

Neuroimaging Software & Education

Let your patients benefit from the most advanced brain imaging techniques.

Imagilys’ monthly subscription plan combines our state-of-the-art neuroimaging software suite, BrainMagix, with continued medical education.

It offers you the tools and support to post-process, quantify, and visualize the most advanced brain images. The current features include functional imaging, perfusion imaging, advanced tractography, quantification of brain atrophy, and multimodal image fusion.

With constant upgrades and new modules, you will stay at the forefront of clinical neuroimaging. With the help of our clinical scientists, you’ll continually learn new techniques.

Our plan is based on a monthly subscription fee with no upfront costs. Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing clinical workflow.

Let your patients benefit from the most advanced brain imaging techniques. Start Imagilys' monthly subscription plan.

Benefit from our State-of-the-Art Clinical Neuroimaging Software Suite

BrainMagix Brain Segmentation Module

Get Trained by Leading Experts

  • Whenever necessary, get support from our expert neuroradiologist, who will help you to use BrainMagix on your patients.
  • Every week, join our Neuroimaging Webinars
  • Every month, get a one hour private session with one of our experts
  • Every year, join Imagilys' Advanced Clinical Neuroimaging Course

These educational events are included in the monthly subscription plan. There is no additional cost.

A Yearly Subscription Fee, No Up-front Cost, Ni Hidden Fees

Our Month Subscription Plan gives you access to one license of the latest version of our clinical neuroimaging software suite BrainMagix, including all of its current and future modules.

The subscription fee is billed yearly: 26,400 € per year.

The subscription is contracted for an undetermined length, and can be canceled at any time, with a prior notice of 1 month.

All of the prices are quoted in euros, excluding VAT, and local taxes, if applicable.


The subscription plan is applicable to hospitals, private practices, or academic research centers, for clinical use and/or non-for-profit scientific research only. The subscription plan is not applicable to the industry, commercial companies, clinical trials, or commercial research. If you are interested in these applications, please contact Imagilys.

SurferMagix, which is BrainMagix's structual brain segmentation module, requires the remote processing of the (anonymized) images on Imagilys’ cloud computing servers. The local computer on which BrainMagix is running should, therefore, be connected to the Internet. The number of cases post-processed on Imagilys’ servers is limited to 50 per month.


Imagilys’ Terms & Conditions are applicable.

BrainMagix is a CE-marked software. Some modules, pre-released in beta version, are labeled “For testing purposes only” and/or “For research purposes only”. Their use is limited to non-clinical testing purposes only.

BrainMagix has not been approved by the FDA, and its use in the United States and Canada is not allowed.