fMRI for Brain Tumor Resection

BrainMagix: fMRI for Brain Tumor Resection

As a tumor was close to language areas, fMRI was performed for surgical planning. The paradigms were a semantic word generation task based on short sentence processing transmitted orally (yellow) and visually with feedback from the patient (blue). There is an activation of the junction between middle and superior temporal gyri at the posterior part corresponding to Wernicke's area. Just ahead of the edema, an activation appeared very close (8-9 mm) to the antero-superior part of the tumor. An activation of Broca's area can be observed on the left side. Also, there are activation of similar regions (Wernicke’s and Broca’s) on the right, suggesting partial compensation of language on the right side. More cranially, activations can be observed in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, bileterally, and in the supplementary motor area. There is a good matching between the 2 paradigms (blue and yellow). A ROI was placed in Broca's area on the left side. The BOLD signal can be observed, following the paradigm.

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