Software: BrainMagix Biomarkers

Quantitative neuroimaging biomarker software for clinical trials.

A Leading Imaging Biomarker Software for CNS Clinical Trials

Post-process, visualize, and fuse advanced brain images acquired on any MRI, CT, or PET scanner. Quantify imaging parameters as biomarkers of a drug’s efficacy. Rely on a user-friendly workflow that is clinically validated and compliant with international regulations. Save time and money, compared to custom-developed and open source software.

A Solution Dedicated to CNS Clinical Trials

  • Team awareness of the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies
  • Partnerships with key opinion leaders in neuroimaging
  • Customized integration with your DICOM transfer platform
  • Customized integration with your electronic CRF platform
  • Compliance with ISO 13485/CE/FDA/HIPAA
  • Flexible business model

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