BrainMagix: Main Module and Fusion

Import, visualize, fuse, and export multi-modal brain images (MRI, CT, and PET scan).

  • Transfer DICOM images via the network and import them into BrainMagix, whatever their source (Siemens, Philips, GE, and Toshiba scanners).
  • Display images in orthogonal, mosaic, or cine view.
  • Fuse multi-modal images (MRI, CT, PET) in semi-transparency.
  • Automatically register MRI, CT, and PET images: follow-up MS lesions, localize a tumor’s hot spot, register different MRI contrasts, and different scanning sessions.
  • Quantify your images with regions of interest (ROI).
  • Export post-processed images to your PACS or to your treatment planning station.

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