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Dr. Laurent Hermoye, CEO

Dr. Laurent Hermoye

Laurent Hermoye

Brain in Love

When modern neuroimaging techniques shed light on one of the brain’s greatest mysteries: romantic love.

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Mind reading

Who has never dreamt reading a boss's, a colleague's or a relative’s mind? Will new brain imaging techniques replace divination and other fortune-tellers?

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An article published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications [1], by a team led by Dr. Dmochowski at Stanford University, made headlines all over the world. Neuromarketing: Revolution or Disillusion? The opinion of Dr. Laurent Hermoye, CEO of Imagilys, and expert in neuroimaging.

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 Neuroscience in Courtroom

Lawyers for the Belgian criminal Kim De Gelder used images of the defendant’s brain in an attempt to convince the jury of his lack of criminal responsibility. Are brain scans the future for (neuro-) justice? The opinion of Dr. Laurent Hermoye, a specialist in brain imaging.

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